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Book Review: Losses (In the Land of Lost and Found #1) by Yona Katz

Foremost, the book is well-written. The author’s prose is descriptive, and I like the way that it shifts easily from the main character, Noah, to the other main character, Tal. This switch lets the reader get into the head of each character, but since the novel does not always immediately transition back and forth, the reader spends some time not knowing what the other character is thinking or feeling. I think this adds a bit of mystery to it.

The characters are likeable, and they share both differences and similarities in their personalities. They are both tough, brave, and protective. However, Tal is more rugged and stubborn whereas Noah is more patient and kinder. At some points, the reader almost wants to scream at Tal to break through is hard exterior.

The world divided into Hot and Cold sounds simplistic at first, yet the details of the worlds and the rules are sophisticated. The reader continues to learn about the differences not through descriptions, but through Tal’s and Noah’s first-time experiences in these worlds. It’s amusing when Noah, for instance, forgets that Tal’s delicate skin as a Colder will burn easily in the sun. I think it is easy for people to overlook what outsiders may not know about their culture or community. Thus, it gives it a realistic feel.

The novel ends with a good resolution and a cliffhanger, which means that I am on my way to read the next novel, Findings.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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