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Book Review: Witches in Love by Isabel Hansen

I really enjoyed this book. I read it in two days but could have easily just read in one sitting if I had the time. The novel reminds me of the old 80s film, The Worst Witch. If you know the film, then you will probably like this novel. The novel’s two lead characters, LJ and Mira, get into all kinds of mischief and their strict, intimidating witch instructors are constantly scolding them. The lead characters are very likeable, especially because they are both outcasts but for different reasons. Mira is the worst witch; LJ is the best witch whose rebellious attitude and behavior ostracizes her from her fellow classmates. The reader can empathize with their social isolation, especially since they are young and still figuring out who they want to be. Their own self-discovery makes this a good coming-of-age tale. This novel is a wonderful, Halloween-themed story that would make a good film since there’s never enough films specifically focused on the night of Halloween.

I like that the novel jumps right into the story, and the reader can immediately connect to the characters. The plot moved at a good pace, and I enjoyed the development of the characters’ feelings for each other with humorous, awkward scenes as they both grappled with these romantic feelings. My only real criticism is the novel could be edited more. There were some typos that were missed. Overall, the book was well-written.

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