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Book Review: There's So Much I Need to Say to You by Sutton Tell

The novel is a light-hearted, coming-of-age story that tells the journey of a group of high school friends navigating the music industry. The author does a good job at illustrating the naivety of the group who obviously is not ready for stardom and finds themselves in the spotlight too quickly. The novel proves that navigating old friendships and romantic relationships along with a new, successful music career creates a great deal of stress for all four band members. The novel also provides a sense of aimless wondering that many early adults may experience, especially when their first career choice seems jeopardized.

While the characters are likeable and unique, their relationships with each other could have been developed more. I would have liked to have understood their history with each other so that I could grasp the conflicts between them more poignantly. Also, the novel seemed to hit its climax a little too early. Overall, if the author’s aim is to remind us of our indecisiveness, insecurity, and innocence as young adults, the author succeeds well.

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