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Book Review: Shake Things Up (Love at Knockdown #2) by Skye Kilaen

This review only reflects my opinion. Other readers may have different feedback.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

First, what is good about this book? I appreciate the topic of polyamory and open relationships. These may be taboo in our society, and I feel that more artistic works representing these relationships is needed to reduce that taboo. I also like that the story had all characters venturing into new relationship territory and revealing their internal conflicts with it. Some important issues like job discrimination are also included.

Next, what could be improved with this work? I felt that the plot was too rushed. It only took place in a matter of days or a week, making it feel unrealistic. Also, while the author shared the internal conflicts that all three characters had about venturing into a polyamorous relationship, this part needed more development. I expected there to be more exploration and discussion of navigating a polyamorous relationship since it was apparently new for all characters, yet there was none. Also, I feel that the characters’ concerns with polyamory were not fully explained.

With Matt, I felt that his conflicts with his sexuality were presented but then left hanging. I did not understand the connections between this conflict and his feelings for Noelle. Also, I would have liked to get more into Allie’s feelings. What scared her so much about developing feelings for Noelle? Was she hurt in the past? Was she scared that it would hurt her relationship with Matt? I would have liked the author to share more about what was happening inside the characters.

Overall, I think the author here has potential. I would suggest more time to edit and flesh out the plot and characters more. Some more plot and character reworkings would enhance the story. Also, some more editing would clean up some parts that were awkward or difficult to follow.

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