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Book Review: FEUD: Season One: A Paranormal LGBTQ Saga of Unchecked Desire - Adam Stewart Charleston

I enjoyed this novel. It has an interesting setting with characters of various supernatural abilities all tied into a feud among three different, large families. I like how it is difficult to tell which family has more advantages in terms of their powers because each power has its own rewards. It reminds me of how the X-Men all had unique powers that all came in handy at some time or another, making it difficult to determine which X-Men is the most powerful. This aspect gives the feud a layer of unpredictability regarding which family will succeed. Also, I enjoy a good family drama, and I like that the author includes drama/conflict within each family, too.

This novel is obviously the first in a series, and the author did well at giving the reader just enough character introductions/background while also leaving room for further development. It is unclear at the end where the next chapter will lead. Furthermore, as a transgender person, I appreciate the transgender character in the novel and the way the author weaves in some legitimate transgender issues while not distracting readers away from the plot. Likewise, the main character with bipolar disorder also sheds light on what people with bipolar disorder experience; however, I think the author also illustrates that for this character, this disorder is not completely bad but also gives the character an array of fearlessness that the other characters seem to admire. It seems to be both her strength and her downfall.

My only main criticism is that the novel could use some additional edits. There were some sentences and descriptions that were difficult to follow. Overall, I will definitely read the next novel in this series.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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