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Book Review: AITA? by Cassie Alexander

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

I really enjoyed this romance. The setting and the demon characters create a unique world, and I thought the summoning a demon kit was a perfect way to instill conflict between Becky and Logan from the very start. I also must appreciate that the author does a good job at emphasizing double standards with sexual exploration in terms of Logan’s declaration of “demons don’t count!” Also, the reader can grasp Becky’s character early on as a passive, people-pleaser, and we get to follow her on her journey to learn to how to become her own person.

The characters are likeable. While Quen is a strong, intimidating warrior, the reader also sees her soft side, which humanizes her in many ways. Becky is an unconfident, insecure person that the reader witnesses gradually coming out of her shell throughout the book. It seems like Quen brings out the confidence in Becky while Becky brings out the softness in Quen. I would have liked to learn more about the world of the demons and the other planes that are mentioned. Again, it is an interesting setting, so I wanted to know more!

I also appreciate the author’s last section about the author’s own exploration of sexual orientation, and I think it is so awesome that the author processed these feelings through the book. I have also used writing novels as a means to explore my own gender and sexual identity.

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